stripes and british touch of glamour

Stripes are my ispiration for the autumn. Stripes and scottish kilt for a countryside stroll in the past. Warm red wool skirt and white waistcoat with a touch of pulp…(have you seen the t-shirt?). Follow the stripes….




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3 responses to “stripes and british touch of glamour

  1. Stripes rule!! And… are those very thin&cute suspenders? I’ve bought a pair in Florence last Saturday, I’m looking forward to wearing them… have you got any suggestions, girls? 🙂
    Loads of love,

    • gignola

      Ehi musa!I love suspenders in every color and style. So vintage and funny at the same time! They are the must of this season in London! You can wear them with loose pants or with tight hight waist skirts, for a touch of madness the best will be wearing a bow tie. First rule: Enjoy!!!

  2. Wow, great! I’m looking forward to trying them on… you know, I LOVE mixing&matching! 😉

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