Ordinary Day in Portobello Road

Summer is coming and the Red strawberry matchs perfectly with her Converse (Must!) and her bag.

Do you remenber Balmain? Military leather jacket,  t-shirt with abstract leopard leit-motiv and faded street miniskirt. Absolutely cool!

FLASH, FLASH, FLASH Absolutely indipendent fashion style with awsome sunglasses and incredible bohemien shoes. Great!

Ending with touch of great style: intellectual style for this peculiar woman, boots and bag are the perfect choise for all fitting that remind us at Ann Demeulemeester style.

One ordinay day full of style in Portobello Road with MonsterandFlowers Fashion bloggers.



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2 responses to “Ordinary Day in Portobello Road

  1. Mi piace molto lo stile della signora della quarta foto…anche se io non avrei mai indossato gli stivali militari!

    Actually, I do like the woman in the 4th shot’s style… even if i would never wear army’s boots!

  2. La signorina della quinta foto è superba!
    Il bianco è un colore che le dona molto e la giacca a righe fa molto Orazio Nelson.
    Per non parlare della pettinatura anni 80, mi ricorda Madonna (non quella Santa) in like a virgin soltanto rossa!

    The young lady in the 5th picture is so cool!
    She really looks good in white and the striped jacket is so Horace Nelson-style.
    And what about the 80’s hairstyle? It reminds me Madonna (not the Holy one) in “Like a virgin”, but with red hairs!

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