Monsty first job

One day there was a Fashion Blogger who was looking on Luisa Via Roma web site. Browsing about one inspiration she  found a Contest: “Follow the buyer contest”. She decided to partecipate. I’ll get my opportunity! she said. I could show my talent! she thought and  the heat was very interesting: sending a photo of the fashion mood right now.

She was imagining a new world, full of strange creatures……a Circus…..a modern Circus! with a touch of gothic style! a mannequin with beautiful curly hair,in the manner of afro style and fuxia like techno trance mood.

She mixted all and what cames out, like a bunny, was the new psichedelic icon of style of 2010.

photograph by Anna Galetta, street photographer



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One response to “Monsty first job

  1. Ecco la pazza completamente inserita nel suo ruolo, mi ricordi Magenta di Rocky Horror Picture Show, ma anche un artista di strada durante uno spettacolo in un paesino sperduto chissà dove!
    La prima foto è la mia preferita…perfetta, secondo me, per un logo di una marca di vestiti ovviamente very cool!

    Here comes the mad one, completely at her ease in this role, you remind me Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but a street artist during a show in a little hamlet lost in the who-knows-where too! The first picture is my favourite one… perfect, in my always humble opinion, for a clothing brand’s logo, obv. very cool!

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